Intake of Generic Viagra has a lot of undeniable advantages. In addition to the beneficial effects of the drug on the body of a man, it is easily tolerated, has a minimum of side effects and contraindications, and is also able to quickly normalize the vital functions of the genital organs.

  • The action of generic Viagra is aimed at:
  • Strengthening the level of desire and excitement of a partner;
  • Activation of blood flow to his penis;
  • Maintaining an erection at its normal level;
  • Elimination of discomfort at the beginning of intimacy;
  • The elimination of any manifestations of erectile dysfunction;
  • Strengthening the brightness and power of orgasm;
  • Treatment of impotence;

With the regular intake of Viagra in the body of a man, the daily blood flow to the penis begins to activate, so that the erection occurs completely unhindered. However, this process can’t be called arbitrary. The action of Viagra is aimed at strengthening, not substituting the natural occurrence of sexual desire. Developing oxytocin in the brain cells – a hormone, normalizing the stimulation of romantic feelings and cravings, Viagra works only in case of stimulation of the genital organs.

Note that you can take Generic Viagra not only in the erection of erectile function. Healthy men can use the drug to prolong the sexual act and increase the erection, weakened by stress or fatigue. As an additional medicine you can drink it with a complex therapy of infertility or prostatitis.

If you have long ceased to get pleasure from sex, your intimate life has ceased to be saturated and bright, and orgasm no longer delivers the former joy and pleasure, Generic Viagra 150 mg – this is exactly what you need!

A new and inexpensive drug is an effective way to restore potency and erection for a short period of time!

One tablet of Generic Viagra 150 mg can provide a healthy man with an increase in strength and power of an erection for 4 hours. You need to take the drug for 30-35 minutes before the sexual act. After taking the generic Viagra, intimate stimulation is welcomed in all its manifestations. The intake of Viagra can be combined with a meal or a lot of water.

Doctors do not recommend combining tablets with alcohol. As you know, alcohol reduces the effect of such drugs, slowing down their absorption. Generic Viagra does not require a gradual increase in dosage. This means that, if necessary, after a few years, the patient will not need to increase the dose of the received generic.

Viagra is a modern and highly effective medicine that allows you to forget about any problems in the sexual field and return to the old full sexual life. The drug inspired men from all over the world not only by speed of its action, but also an acceptable value category.